Monday, July 2, 2012


Hello everybody, my name is Trinculo and as you can see from my costume I am a clown (also known as a jester). I was born as a clown and I have stayed one ever since. Actually I am a royal court jester (a real high jester). I have never known my mother though I wish I could have. She died before I could even open my eyes, I often think of how she died, it was probably because of my birth but I try not to think that. My father though he stayed with me all the time but did not come to the trip with me on the island because he was getting old that is why everybody thought I was on my own.  Everybody thought I was on my own in Milan as well because me and my dad stayed together in a secret place all day long so nobody sees my father until the festivals because then they will think it is magic, it is one of our jokes you see. After many treacherous lonely days trapped on the island we were finally aloud to go back to Milan. 

Here are some of my hilarious jokes that I like to tell:
1.    What do you call a deer without no eyes,
No eye deer!

2.    Do you want to hear a pizza joke
            Sorry I can’t tell you, it’s too cheesy!!

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