Sunday, July 1, 2012

Questions and answers

Mr Gregg gave the class a number of questions to answer on The Tempest. He was impressed by the quality and thoughtfulness of the answers.

For instance, Prospero pretends not to trust Ferdiand who likes his daughter Miranda, even though he is actually pleased. He gets him bringing wood in from the forest.

The question was, "Why do you think Prospero gives this task to Ferdinand?"


Prospero gives this task to Ferdinand so that Miranda and Ferdinand get to know more about each other. 
Tanvi and Paul

Prospero gives the task to Ferdinand so he and Miranda can be together because Miranda has already begun to like and care for him.

Prospero gives the task to Ferdinand because Caliban and Elaban have gone missing... or have they?

The task is given to Ferdinand to get him out of the way so Prospero could get back to his magic.
Amélie and Toby

To test him about how good he is living on the island.

To occupy him and to carry out his plan to make people feel alone on the island. Also, to see how Miranda reacts to him.

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