Sunday, July 1, 2012

Questions and answers 2

Everyone seemed to find and like something different in the play - as the children's answers to this question showed:

What do you think of The Tempest? Are there any aspects of it you like?

I think The Tempest is very good, and I especially like the murderers' scene.

I like the clever way that Shakespeare made Prospero stop being king. Normally a writer would make a king  be not bothered to rule, make them just sleep and eat like a lazy king. But Shakespeare puts it in a way that is a good and sensible excuse.

Well, I like everything, such as making Prospero being a wizard.

What I really like is the evilness and the kindness of the characters, but I think he should have added a fight between Sycorax and Prospero.

I love the whole play because there is humour, sadness and good scenes.

I really have enjoyed The Tempest and I like it that we are acting it out. One of my favourite characters in The Tempest is Trinculo the clown who is very funny, though I would like it if he told jokes in the plays so that we could laugh more.

I think The Tempest is a very good play. I really like the humour in it.

The storm I found really good because I like the whole part of the ship falling apart.

The Tempest is a great play, imagined by a super mind. The way Shakespeare did things in the play makes it more life-like to those who read the play, see it, listen to it. I especially like it when Caliban complains.

I like The Tempest because it is funny. I like the part when Davis sings.

I like it when its the scene of Trinculo and Stephano, because it's got funny humour.

I like everything, such as the scene where Trinculo and Stephano meet. The only part I don't like is the love scene.

I like it how everyone has a different view. This means it isn't so-and-so versus so-and-so.

I think The Tempest is a very good play. I really like the Caliban and Elaban scenes. They are really funny.

I think the whole play is good. Like the scene where Antonio and Sebastian are trying to kill Alonsa and Gonzalo.

I like to act, and so i like most of it, although I would be a bit embarrassed to be Miranda or Ferdinand - but that's part of acting!

I like when Stephano is very drunk and says he was the Man in the Moon.

The aspects I like are that there are varied emotions, actors and characters.

I liked the whole story, but especially the harpy scene when Antonio and Sebastian keep eating and eating.

I love everything about it!

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