Monday, July 2, 2012



My name is Antonio. But you can call me Lord Antonio. Or even better, High Lord Majesty Antonio.

I used to have a brother (who I didn’t really like), Prospero. He had a puny little daughter and he always sat in his small library and with his annoying books about magic and spells.

I had to take the dukedom all for myself. I sent my brother away on a boat without sails.

I like counting my money - but after a while I get bored and I watch jesters do their tricks. The only jester I have is useless little Trinculo. One of my friends is Alonsa and her hopeless son Ferdinand. Stephano is the most frustrating servant I have ever seen because all he does is act like an idiot. Sebastian is an unwise weirdo. I am still friends with him cause of his evilness. I think life is sweet like this but Trinculo fails his tricks quite a lot that is why he is so boring.

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  1. Dear High Lord Majesty Antonio,
    I would like you to know that I do not approve of you setting me and Prospero on a boat.
    I really like your post and it explains a lot.