Monday, July 2, 2012


My name is the Harpy, – or actually call me Zenith if you wish – I was created from a woman and a bird. I was made for good, to live, to fly, to walk, to eat, to  survive, to help and to scare bad away. I live in a big nest with my sisters at night and I help for good in day.  I have two sisters and they are three with me in.  I usually work more than my sisters because I am the oldest from my sisters.
I love eating leaves with caterpillars and flowers with worms in. I hate eating pig meat even it helps me grow. Though I love flesh meat with pepper sauce.
I am scary and fearsome but I am kind with good people (don’t be too scared if you are good). I only kill the bad like Elaban and Caliban. I hate technology; I only like life in the woods. My sisters are sometimes annoying – especially Europa my baby sister – Calypso is all right though.

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